Space Jam 11s

Paul Richards lends his creative genious to all kinds of informational pieces on everything from colour to silhouettes on his blog and website. This particular article covers a number of drawing guidelines that make for massively engaging character designs. He starts with the absolute building blocks: thumbnails.

Thumb War


Mathew D. Innis presents brilliant works from all over in his painting blog, which has its roots in classical oil painting styles. He also includes in-depth looks into various steps of execution and proves tutorials as well, such as Colour palettes with David Grey:

Colour Palettes with David Grey

Biodigital Human

The most useful resource for Budding artists and students! And as a great reminder for masters, this is a free resource that lets you depict each individual system within the human body. It allows you to rotate and zoom in on every part of human anatomy you could need to know! I don’t know why the hell I didn’t have something like this while going to school…

Scott Eaton – Bodies in Motion

Scott is a multi-talented Illustrator/Designer whose range of work is vast. He is involved with many artistic educational projects that are as diverse as they are effective. His particular work with Bodies in Motion is an enormous reference library he continues to build. What is shown here is but a small appetizer to start.

Bodies in Motion


Ignasi Monreal

Fashion illustration never fit so snug! Ignasi has some really nice attention to detail with fabrics and textures in his finely rendered work. For me what makes him stand out is the interesting almost surrealist twist we applies to his work to really communicate the attitudes of the models and the personality of the outfits.

My personal favorite is the Medusa-like hair that intelligently uses shape variation so it doesn’t look like a snake afro for once:

Versace For VSPAIN